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business wireless cost analysis

"When I saw the numbers, I was floored.” - Ross Stewart, CEO, Probe Information Services, saved $20,000+ per year

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This free analysis answers two fundamental questions: How are we doing? What do we need to improve? To get started:

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Peak provides an estimate of your savings within 5 days from receipt of necessary information from the client. Instead of an upfront fee, we earn a percentage of the actual savings you net, if you choose to hire us after receiving your estimate.


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Business Wireless Cost AnalyzerTM

Maybe you’ve tried to get a handle on your business wireless bills by looking for a better plan, changing carriers or cutting back on employees with company-paid wireless. You can save tens of thousands of dollars more by identifying the last 10% in savings through closer management. In fact, the longer it has been since you reviewed wireless voice and data costs, the more you might save. In some cases, savings top 30%.