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Business Services Costs

Business Services Costs

Does your organization spend on any of these services?

  • Food and beverage
  • IT services
  • Janitorial
  • Printing
  • Records management
  • Temporary labor
  • Uniforms
  • Linen & laundry
  • Waste management

Individually, some of these business services might not seem like places to find big savings. But as a group, this is fertile ground. Little things add up, especially if you have multiple offices that are individually contracting for services. Food & Beverage

If you serve it on a regular basis, you can save money on it. That includes the coffee and tea in the break room, the vending machines, the bottled water. If you hold regular breakfast or luncheon meetings for staff or clients, you have an opportunity to save while still providing a satisfying perk.

IT Services

Some large companies will outsource the low-level work such as help desk services and server maintenance, while keeping someone on staff for the high-level IT jobs. Other large companies do the low-level work themselves and outsource the tough jobs.

Companies of all sizes outsource as much IT work as they can. No matter what mix works for you, you can probably save money.

JanitorialOnce they have found a janitorial service they like, many people are reluctant to make any changes.  You may not have to, and you could still save money. If you have more than one location, there is potential to cut costs by leveraging your volume.

Printing Most companies have two kinds of printing costs. Inside the office there are contracts for copier usage and maintenance, plus all that toner that always seems to be running out. We know of one engineering firm that spends more than $120,000 a year on internal printing in its five offices. Outside the office, you may be using different printers for different projects such as manuals and programs. Peak Cost Containment can save you money inside and out.

Records managementThe paperless office is a myth. Many organizations, especially law firms, insurance companies and medical offices, spend thousands of dollars a year to keep paperwork protected yet accessible off site. There may be savings hiding in all those boxes of paper.

Temporary laborIf you use temps on a consistent basis, you may be generating enough business for the agency to qualify for a volume discount. We know the industry, which makes it easier for us to find out on your behalf.

UniformsIf you are supplying uniforms to your employees, whether they are plain coveralls or fancy suits, we’ll make sure you are getting the best deal.

Linen & laundryWe know of a mechanic with three shops, and each one uses a lot of rags, towels and coveralls. For him it adds up to $15,000 a year. What are you spending?

Waste managementThis can be a big cost center in construction or any business where you need trash bins hauled to a site and taken away. We’ll look over your leases to see if there’s room to cut costs.

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