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Pay Lower Credit Card Processing Fees

Are your merchant account costs as low as they can go?

Merchant account processing fees can be mysterious. Most people believe that negotiating a great price (or discount rate as it is often called) with your processor is the best way to reduce costs.  We take a deeper look into your processing data and find ways to lower the core interchange cost of each transaction. Of course, we also ensure you get the lowest sustainable price.

Why interchange rates matter

The methods you use to process transactions determine the bulk of your costs.  The processor typically receives only 10-20% of the overall cost of each transaction and has no incentive to help you reduce the core costs involved in accepting credit cards and debit cards.

For example, one client reduced their credit card processing fees by 36%. We eliminated every single non-qualified transaction from their bill and drastically reduced their rates on all types of transactions.

In addition to these hard dollar savings, they are experiencing soft dollar savings they never dreamed of because of the easier technology and reporting capabilities.

Tap our industry expertise to learn whether your rates could go lower on:

  • Debit Fees
  • Credit Card Fees
  • Terminal Fees

No more downgraded transactions

If you are like many businesses, your merchant account bill is littered with high cost downgraded transactions. Most businesses do not know that most of these downgrades can be stopped. Too good to be true?  Not for seasoned experts that have your best interest in mind.  Try us out at no cost with our Peak Preview.  As always, our services are guaranteed.

Changing merchant account processors is not required

Your current credit card processor is always included in our analysis and changing vendors is always optional. We will only consider alternative processors if you are open to a change and we are unable to get the best pricing from your current agent. In either case, you are in control and make the final decision. We understand that change can be costly and part of our job is to make any needed change as painless as possible.

Third party assessment

A fresh set of eyes in this category can make all of the difference.  Most merchants rely on their merchant account agent to advise them on how to lower credit card fees and costs.  Unfortunately, most merchant account agents simply do not have the knowledge required to help lower the core costs of merchant account services. Agents also have a financial motivation to keep rates as high as possible.

We earn by saving you money, since we collect a portion of the actual net savings. (After that, the savings are all yours.) We always put your best interests first.

Professional representation speaks volumes

The right cost management consultant can be especially valuable when it comes to negotiating. Many seasoned business executives do not realize how many goods and services really are negotiable. In addition, having a pro asking tough questions on your behalf often shakes vendors out of their complacency and spurs them to work harder to keep your account.

Keep current quality and service levels

We only recommend solutions that meet your needs and service expectations.  The savings we deliver are not based on reducing the quality of service or product.  If you are looking for a new vendor, we only recommend service providers with a track record of success. The vendors we recommend have a very strong incentive to maintain high levels of customer service and satisfaction due to the volume of business they receive from our clients.