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See how Ross Stewart, CEO, Probe Information Services, saved $20,000+ per year by hiring Peak.

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Peak PrecisionSM Cost Reduction Method


Our clients are typically unaware of the potential profits that are being lost due to overpaying for goods and services.

Our cost reduction method saves you both money and time. There are four key steps:

1. Analyze costs

2. Map cost savings

3. Implement

4. Track cost savings

1. Analyze costs

  • First you get a quick, confidential estimate of the savings you could achieve with our help — all at no cost to you and with no obligation. Our proprietary database of purchasing data allows us to benchmark your spending and provide an estimate of cost savings. This allows us to mutually decide if we should proceed any further in the process.
  • Next, if you choose to have us look deeper and make recommendations, we begin analysis of spending, invoices, and contractual agreements. We work with you and your team to understand the industry specific and unique specifications that exist in your business.

2. Map cost savings

  • You focus on your core business while we handle the time consuming negotiation process. Our extensive network allows us to enlist the best service providers at the best price. We also negotiate with your current service providers; as a result, often times changing vendors is not necessary.
  • You receive a savings strategy that clearly outlines what savings are available to you. We work together to assemble a customized solution that will minimize the impact on your organization while maximizing your savings.

3. Implement approved changes

  • You have a liason (Peak) ensuring a smooth implementation of the cost reduction strategy that you have approved. We work directly with vendors and key employees at your organization to manage the implementation of the new strategy.

4. Track savings

  • Peak conducts quarterly audits to ensure savings targets are met and to ensure your satisfaction.
  • If needed, we are happy to call on a vendor to assist in getting invoices or service aligned with what was promised.

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Get a Peak PreviewSM  Analysis

You are extremely busy. By leveraging Peak, you can turn a few hours into tens of thousands of dollars. One recent client invested less than 10 hours total, start to finish, in collaborating with us, and is saving nearly $25,000 per year – a rate of about $2,500 per hour!

Peak Preview helps you get started with professional cost reduction services without signing any contracts, paying any fees, or investing more than about an hour of time.

Confidentiality. Simplicity. Savings.

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