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Peak Cost Containment is a California cost management company able to reduce expenses by 10-30% in about 90 days for most clients – without sacrificing quality. Fill the form to learn more.

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Maybe your company is already managing wireless costs. You may be able to save thousands more. In some cases, client savings can top 30%!

Peak Precision for Business WirelessTM helps you tame wireless costs. Download the information sheet for:

  • Examples: The information sheet shows how a $600M US company cut wireless costs 23% in a matter of weeks.
  • Pro tips: Whether your company operates in two states or dozens of states – and whether it has a few hundred wireless devices or thousands — it’s likely you can reduce your wireless costs. One reason is that different states tax wireless at different rates. In Washington state, it’s 24 percent. In neighboring Oregon, it’s only about 7 percent. On a typical $50-a-month plan, that’s a difference of more than $100 a year in taxes. Multiply that by a few hundred users, and it’s a hefty sum.
  • How it works: According to Gartner Group, most companies can save 10 to 35% on their wireless bills through closer management. Peak saves companies money without the need for a telecom expense management system – nor do you need to purchase special software or set up a staff to oversee the program. 

Peak fees are contingent on client savings. So you pay for performance and stand only to gain from Peak’s cost reduction services. Confidentiality. Simplicity. Savings. Fill the form on this page to download the business wireless information sheet today or call 877.765.7325.